What do I need to prepare for my tax return appointment?

Payroll services also include the tax returns of your business. If you are going to place a meeting with your accountant, then please don’t go empty handed. Make some groundwork for it. Discussing the tax returns for your company will save you and your accountant’s time if you will be prepared for it. Organizing yourself for this meeting is not only wise but it will save you from many other troubles. Your accountant will also appreciate it and he will also ensure you get the maximum amount of tax refund possible.read this article!

Dealing with new accountant:

This type of meeting with the accountant arises when your company goes for payroll outsourcing. While dealing with the new accountant, it is recommended to start with the previous year’s tax returns. This last year return must include your tax offsets, your all personal and relevant details, income streams of all types, tax deductions, tax file number and other relevant information which is required this year.

Use of cloud accounting solution for payroll service:

Some employers use cloud accounting solution, the advantage is that, your all data will be accessible online for your accountant, precisely in a manner that your accountant understands. By means of this cloud accounting solution, your accountant can get access to this data 24/7. In this fashion you can keep an eye on the performance of your business and be ready for tax obligations. Here is a concise checklist of things to put in order for your accountant:visit http://www.stockhouse.com/news/press-releases/2015/04/15/the-american-payroll-association-global-payroll-management-institute-and-mercer today!


• Take PAYG Summaries from employees of your organization.
• Termination payments
• Exact amount of Bank interest
• Distributions from different places like trusts and partnerships.
• Superannuation payments
• Allowances such as car, entertainment, etc
• Take into consideration the pensions and allowances
• Foreign income/earning
• All Capital gains
• Dividend payments
• Other personal service incomes
• Also take with you the net income/losses
• All the rental incomes

Expenses for tax deductions include:

• Travel and accommodation expenses whether domestic or foreign
• Clothing expenses
• Expenses related to different courses, training and education may include
• Repairs
• Tools and equipment
• contributions related to Superannuation
• Lease payments
• Interest on loan amount
• Bank charges
• Depreciation
• Utilities
• Legal and accounting fees
• All Donations
• Insurance Expense
• Medical and childcare expenses

tax return appointment

Some other required information:

Additional to the above information some accountants also require the following information so it is suggested that scan or photocopy these:

• Statements related to Bank and credit card
• All loan agreements to your business
• Statements related to Business Activity, Installment Activity and working papers.
• Stock valuation figures etc

Your accountants can effort through every potential tax deduction available for your business. It’s better to ask your accountant about the tax incentives which you can get. He will better guide you about it. Taking all the payroll services in reflection, you can approach your accountant for tax returns.

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